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The chop life summer season (CLSS) is not the usual social event you hear about, it is an event with the goal of GIVING BACK to the society by breaking every age barries bringing both the old and millennials through sport, music, comedy, food and even a beauty contest to showcase the rich socio cultural heritage of our great city. The event is designed to features lots of pre-events in the run down towards the grand finale of outdoor events


Chop Life Summer Season (Charity Edition)

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Every child, irrespective of their colour, ethnicity, religion or race deserves to live a better life.

This is true for some children, while for others it never happens.

As poverty increases, more children are susceptible to becoming less privileged.
#partyforcharity is an opportunity to support them.

This event is the first edition of the Chop Life Summer Season. It is geared towards promoting and showcasing the rich socio-cultural heritage of Port Harcourt city through sports, games, music, comedy, food, and pageantry, thereby giving 4000 less privileged children a long-lasting and positive experience.

Only you can help us achieve this.

Just 1 ticket will provide a basic need for a child.

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Chop Life Summer Season Pre-Events

The registration for the events start from June 1st and ends at July 10, the events then runs from July 10 to August 21. An the grand Finale are held on August 31.

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About Chop Life Gang

Chop Life Gang Entertainment aims to create a dynamic, creative and unique entertainment, technological brand, which is centered on providing absolute satisfaction to the yearning needs for its customers and to organize entertainment and technological services with the sole aim of impacting the society.
Our Objectives is to organize educative but entertaining programs, To spot, nature and groom talents to its maximum potentials, To organize shows aimed at giving back to the society, To design and create innovative technological products aimed at solving human everyday needs, To train and grow entertainers and models in giving back to the society

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