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Chop Life Summer Season Pre-Events

Chop Life Summer Season (CLSS) is designed to feature lots of Pre events in the run down towards the grand finale(Food Festival and Musical/Comedy concert) which would be an outdoor event.

The registration for the events start from June 1st and ends at July 10, the events then runs from July 10 to August 21. An the grand Finale are held on August 31.

Pre events includes competitions, pageantry and various contest which are explained below:

1. Five aside football competition:
Football is unity in diversity, and bringing Nigerians together is our motto.
Winning Team gets the grand sum of 100 thousand naira,
2nd place; 50 thousand naira.

Register Here>>

2. Video games competition:

Do you pride your self a champion? Do you crave to be the best of the best? Have you been tagged the champion of video games by your peers? Do you feel you dont have enough competition? Here’s your chance to flex your muscle and be crowned the clss video game master of the year.
Winner: 50,000 naira
2nd place; 30,000 naira
3rd place; 15,000 naira.

Register Here>>

3. Paintball:

Battle your way through the field of war with your paint bullets and machine guns. Get a team of soldiers and battle your way to victory and top prize. Winner: 50,000
2nd place: 30,000

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4. Face Of CLSS(Male/Female): (pageantry)
Another event that promises to be thrilling, entertaining and competitive. The winners stand a chance of going home with a grand sum of 100 thousand naia and a brand new iphone X max;
Ist runner up, 50 thousand naira;
2nd runner, 30 thousand naira.

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5. Dance battle:

Are you a lover of dance, do you want to showcase your power through dance?
Here’s the opportunity to thrill the audience and stand a chance of winning the grand prize.
Winner: 50,000
2nd place: 30,000

Register Here>>

6. Rap battle:
Can you rap? Do you have what it takes to be the clss rapper of the year? Then stand an opportunity to be the winner and take home the sum of 50,000 NAIRA
2nd place; 30,000
3rd place; 15,000

Register Here>>

7. Food festival:

Stand the chance to see the beauty of our multi cultural heritage through food/recipes. It showcases both local and intercontinental dishes all around the country. This festival is billed to hold on the grand finale day

8. Musical and comedy concert:

Where there is food music and comedy follows. The event featuring musice and comedy, will feature top notch local and international musicians/ comedians from all around the country. Giving us an opportunity to have fun amidst good music and laughter. The thrill has just started.

9. Family fun-filled games:

These would feature on the grab finale day to engage both the young and old creating moments that words can explain.

10.Children games:

Get ready to beg your kids when it’s time to go home as we promise to engage your kids with lots of games and mind blowing fun. Are you ready yet??

The preliminaries of all competitions will be played/held before the grand finale and the finals will be showcased on the grand finale..

Don’t be told… be there… don’t miss out for any reason.

For forms and enquires call…….Odogwu, Tega, Ruky


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